Originally shared by Aaron Spaulding Has anyone tried using Autodesk Print Studio?

(Aaron Spaulding) #1

Originally shared by Aaron Spaulding

Has anyone tried using Autodesk Print Studio? It slices super fast and the prints are much cleaner than Slic3r.

It is also completely open source.

Anyone know how this stacks up against simplify 3D?

Both prints were done on the same machine with the same settings and setup.

(mike mackenzie-grieve) #2

Have you checked out your threaded rod. I would bet the lines match the threads. I have got a lot of awesome print out of slicer. Spend a little bit more time on your settings.

(Max Mustermann) #3

What is your layer height? Have you rotated the second part? I get pretty smooth prints out of Slic3r using 0.2mm layer height. Never tried APS though.

(ステパノフローマン) #4

This one was sliced with Slic3r: https://goo.gl/o3PYL3, height is about 2 inches/ 5 centimeters. You have to spend some time fixing backlash on your threaded rods and fine-tuning your Slic3r settings (extrusion calibration, temperature, limit speed on small perimeters, cooling, etc.).

(Claudio Prezzi) #5

your prints just shows, that your printer is badly adjusted. even your better print shows at lot of faults like z-wobble. what type of printer do you use?

(Jorge T) #6

First, autodesk open source? Doubt it.
Second. You are changing orientation between parts and showing a very badly calibrated machine. Slicer is not the problem, the user is (please take your time and learn how to calibrate your hardware+software, whatever you use)

(Richard Taylor) #7

This mirrors my experience with Slic3r too. I have spent the time to calibrate my machine well and get great results from Skeinforge and Cura. Slic3r was terrible for me - poor layer adhesion, thin walls and poor infill. It’s a shame as it has a good UI and is fast.
In a way it’s nice to see someone showing similar results as most people seem to love Slic3r!

(Aaron Spaulding) #8

@Jorge_T Here are the source files to all the API’s
@1111110 The link doesn’t work.

(Jorge T) #9

@Aaron_Spaulding , I do not see the link, but thanks for the info, Is good to know the go into open-source.

(Aaron Spaulding) #10

@Jorge_T Here it is. this should work.

(Jorge T) #11

Great, thanks a lot @Aaron_Spaulding