Originally shared by 3DLT.com Check out our plan to improve  We're challenging designers, inventors,

Originally shared by 3DLT.com

Check out our plan to improve #gunsafety We’re challenging designers, inventors, and companies to create 3D printable products that improve firearm safety. Learn more >>> http://indiegogo.com/gun-safety

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If a type of grip/pressure pad safety was printed to contour to the ergonomics of the firearm, in the respective user’s normal way of gripping the firearm while shooting, it could be an effective means of preventing accidental discharge.

Furthermore, it could ensure the user has a good grip on the firearm. And users unfamiliar with the proper way to grip said firearm would be unable to fire it immediately until the proper grip was applied.

You could even take it a step further perhaps, and have the owner of the firearm scan his unique grip, and implement a safety that, not only requires that the user fit the mold, but to also apply pressure on the grip with a specified amount of strength, and/or specifying regions of pressure on the grip unique to the user.

If anyone wants to take this idea and share it in the hangout, I’ve got nothing against that.
I won’t have time to hang.

Thanks for sharing your input and idea.

Glad the conversation is occurring.
Controversy over study? Ability to ‘define’ Amendment mandatory for able Citizenry.