Origin Jig

Once my new bed arrives, I want to get a better origin jig set up. Right now, I am using a double layer of cardboard that I cut on the x- and y- axis. That is ok but I want something more permanent. Ned made something like this in the same way.

Would using something like a cut off carpenter’s square or a machinist square work? Ideally, I would like something that has measurements on it. My new bed is honeycomb so I will need to figure out how to secure whatever jig I make to it.

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Cutting your jig right in the laser eliminates all errors that would be associated from trying to position a premade one. You can get self adhesive measuring tapes like these to add on if you want.

To hold jigs I do a couple of things:

  • Build a jig into a piece of ply with a square corner to mate with the origin jig. Never had one move around on me if it has enough weight.
  • Use some heavy washers around the edges of the piece.
  • I have a secondary bed made from expanded metal sheet that I can put in and use magnets on to hold things.

I didn’t know that adhesive measuring tapes were a thing. Thanks, Ned!


You could also get a piece of steel sheet metal to go on top of your honeycomb bed to allow you to use magnets.