Ordered some stubby / machinist twist drill bits, double and single ended

I could have sworn that it was someone here who pointed me to these bits but I can’t find them when I search, so I’m probably searching for the wrong thing.

I bought a set of M5 bits from Scowell to try out some time ago, and I really like them. It cuts down on the center drilling to not use a flexible jobber bit that will wander unless a center drill has started the hole. For M5 clearance holes it’s been awesome and quick, I just need to peck for deeper holes because of the short flutes that make them stiff. I also use them for pilot holes for larger bits; a 5mm hole is wide enough for the web on almost any twist drill! Now I just need more sizes.

This set has almost all my common metric tap and clearance sizes in it (no 2.5mm M3 tap size), and I just have to be patient for a few weeks for it to get to me. :relaxed:

I know they say “jobber” in the title but that’s for keyword searches for folks who don’t know what “jobber length” means. These are stubby bits.

I also got frustrated shopping for machinist length drill bits generally. I finally discovered that what I should shop for is carbide twist drills and I would see lots of machinist length bits that are also stiff, which is the point of machinist length bits. I’ve been happy enough with the Scowell double-ended stubby bits that I decided to try some of their carbide twist drills — center cutting split tip, stiff bits. I’ll see how those work… :crossed_fingers:


They arrived today. Now I wish I’d waited just a little longer to drill the hole through the hardened steel of the calipers that I’ve been modifying into a tailstock DRO for my lather — the 3mm carbide drill would have come in handy! :smiley:

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