Ordered a Smoothie board today for my HercuLein build,

Ordered a Smoothie board today for my HercuLein build, has anyone in this group used one for their 3d printer yet?

I am using an azteeg x5 mini on my eustathios. It is a great board. I assume smoothieboard with the extra outputs would be great as well. I think @Marc_McDonald ​ is using a smoothie board.

Not yet but I bought mine from that group buy on deltabot list as well.

Thanks for the responses, I figured I should check in case I run into configuration problems, since I am new to 3d printing.

I’ve ordered one as well for my Eustathios in the making

I just got done configuring mine and it was one of the easier ones to configure that I have worked with.

That is great to hear! I may be posting questions to the group, as this is all new to me.

Just to add to the list, I too have purchased a smoothieboard 5xc.

@Chad_Nuxoll Did you use the information on the Smoothie web page for 3d printer to do the config?

@Bruce_Lunde ​ I did use the info from the smoothie Web page and it worked great for me.

I found the discount code, and am wondering if buying a relay, or FDTI Platinum would benefit me? Not sure if the code is multi-use.

Code is multi-use. It applies to the entire order. If you need those elements in the future, why not? The code won’t last long.

@Dat_Chu that’s the question. I’m not sure if I ever will. Since I am new to the board, I don’t know exactly what those extra parts are for.

The only two things that you are likely to use would be the voltage regulator and the LCD. Those two should make your printer much better. With the coupon, the price is attractive. The rest can always be bought later when you need it.

@Dat_Chu Do you mean the smoothieboard GLCD shield and switching regulator DC to DC 5v? I don’t see an LCD persay.


glcd is sold out :frowning:

They don’t allow backstocking?

Apparently not , Not sure if I’ll need it if I want to do the same tablet mod as @eric lien .