Optical Sensor Module

As part of my VG-L7X Engraver project I have been thinking about optical measurements.
I found an optical sensor and a module for that sensor. As usual there either are no schematics or confusing ones available.
It’s a pretty simple PCB so I created a schematic: https://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/opt101-module-5f5bfbe080b24f45a4dbe1bf695e7914

You can also see what I am tinkering with here: Don's Laser Cutter Things: Design Phase: Diode Engraver Relative Power and Focus Measurement


As far as I can see from the datasheet, this sensor can only handle power in the range of mW.

Yes, part of the challenge is to reduce the power to the surface. These units have a low power mode that I will try plus a diffuser of some sort.

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