Optical Endstop

(iamwill_SW) #1

I am replacing the Gen6 on my 3DSM printer and would like to continue using the optical endstops provided. The problem is that they are 5 pin and the endstop connectors on the smoothie board are only 3 pin. Is there a way to wire up these 5 pin endstops to the smoothie board? Thanks,


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(Jittu Singh_SW) #2

you can use the schematics available on reprap for OptoEndstop_2.1

(electronlove_SW) #3

I thought that the end stops for the smoothieboard need to run on 3.3V and it seemed that most of the opto end stops were 5V.

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Nah Smoothie outputs 5V on the endtsop connectors.