[OPINION WANTED] - Is the workspace document highlighter too thick? My opinion:

[OPINION WANTED] - Is the workspace document highlighter too thick?

My opinion: Feels like I am in preschool using it.

If you’re referring to the blue/white lines around selected elements on the workspace, I think the thickness seems pretty reasonable. I guess it could depend on your screen resolution whether it seems too thick or not. I am running 2880 x 1800 resolution on my system.

If you’re referring to something else, I have no idea what you’re referring to haha.

You don’t feel like they are obstructing your view of other lines in the workspace? I have a screen that is 1280 and another that is like double that and I see no difference it just scales the canvas.

@Kris_Backenstose I just deselect the objects when I want to zoom in on the workspace.

Although, I have issues with zooming in where I cannot get the workspace to pan around correctly (maybe because I am using a 2 button only touchpad).

Maybe I should scale its thickness using devicePixelRatio

Pan: I still need to add support for touchscreen and (maybe) pens and touch pads. Right now it assumes 3-button mice.

Todd maybe just make a button map setting?

I liked in LW3 how I could pan by clicking the arrow buttons below the workspace. Would work for touchscreen users too. Maybe have something like that which is able to be turned on/off (so it doesn’t take up screen real estate for users who don’t want/need it).

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I just changed how mouse, touchpad, and touchscreen work in the workspace area. See https://github.com/LaserWeb/LaserWeb4/issues/85

@Todd_Fleming Thanks for that. I’ll have a play around & see how it goes now :slight_smile:

edit: Works wonderfully on my end (2-button touchpad on Macbook running Win10). Thanks again Todd.

edit 2: Actually, there seems to be a slight bug now. I’ll add on github.

Am I the only one wondering why generate doesn’t do anything now?

@Kris_Backenstose Just tested now & when I generate it generated the gcode into the workspace & I can view it with the simulator.

They are checked. Sorry it looks like the problem is with raster. Are you guys doing cutting or raster?

@Kris_Backenstose I tested cut & laser fill path. I will test Raster too & get back to you.

@Kris_Backenstose Yep, for Laser Raster I am having the Generate button do nothing also.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y https://github.com/LaserWeb/LaserWeb4/issues/161

Its sitll broken in the online test version :frowning:

@Kris_Backenstose Seems fixed now :slight_smile: