Operation: ghetto build chamber 2nd test.

Operation: ghetto build chamber 2nd test. The build ran for over 7 hours perfectly, reducing the warping of ABS printed parts on clean kapton tape and not overheating the motors or melting any printer structural parts.




Nice. All this effort is why I have stuck with pla so far :smiley:

@Mike_Ashcraft PLA is a dream to print compared to ABS but for just $10 I have solved an annoying problem I have been having with warping.

Not bad so by heated do you mean you actively heating it or are you just keeping in the heat from the hot end?

Well heat from the hot end but mostly from the heated bed. I do have openings in the plastic but my main goal was trying to eliminate cold drafts going across the build surface and causing the parts to lift up on the edges.

@John_Ridley the rapid temperature fluctuations will definitely give you an uneven extrusion, the event of it kind of being “warmed up” gives it a head start on in melting also I think by doing this you are drying the filament of any surface moisture.