OpenSwift! The first build in progress.

(André Roy) #1

OpenSwift! The first build in progress. An open source, mostly 3d printed flying wing airframe that hopefully anyone can build. Project supported by @Brook_Drumm and @Printrbot .

Build in progress, will release a zip of the beta STLs and CAD files I used to print this in a comment below this weekend.

(André Roy) #2

Download the zip archive of the CAD and STL files here:

Released under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY SA V3.0. Read the Warranty, Disclaimer and Limitations on Liability sections of the ReadMe.txt before use.

Hopefully all the files are in order. I apologize for the lack of instructions. If someone is keen enough to try to build one ask questions! I’ll help.

Note that the first prototype is still in the process of being built. The design files are in a “beta” state which means it is feature complete but may have areas that need improvement.