OpenSCAD Graph Editor

Experimenting w/ this a bit — modeled a simple mitered box:

Only inputs were:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Stock_Thickness

and whether or no one is getting a 3D Preview, and the flat view is:

The code however, looks like this:

and it’s missing many of the niceties which I was pretty easily adding using BlockSCAD.

Probably a lot of the lines could be cleaned up by instantiating more “Get_foo” blocks (where foo is the desired variable name)


A few things I have noticed that could be done right now to make the graph more readable:

  • If you give the module parameters a proper type (e.g. number instead of any) you can type numerical values directly into the node. E.g. consider this vcut module:

    and now we use this module inside our main graph:

    As you can see the parameters that have type number will give you an edit field where you can type the number directly where the any fields do not.

  • Modules can have default values for their parameters if the parameters have a proper type. When you click the pen icon next to a module parameter (inside of the module graph) you will get a text field which allows you to specify the default:

    when you use the module, you can override the default value by clicking the pen icon or you can just connect another node which will also override the default value

  • You can drag in as many variable get nodes as you need, this could also help clean up some of the connections:

You mentioned “many missing niceties”, could you maybe give some more detail about this?



Could that allow typing in a variable name?

Missing niceties are things such as stylus support, and being able to scroll/pan w/ a stylus by clicking, and copying a block and getting more than just the block (though I see now that that was more a matter of selection) — I’m going to tidy up what I have and see if it starts to click.


You can copy/paste a selection of nodes, just drag a rectangle around them and then press Ctrl/Cmd+C to copy and Ctrl/Cmd-V to paste. Stylus support is on the list :slight_smile:

I have added a few helper functions for calculations needed in multiple positions and moved the preview into a separate module. I have also moved the model into the center, so we can use symmetry to do some of the work for us. This greatly simplifies the graph:


Been working w/ this a bit more, and am now importing the gcodepreview library I’ve been working on:

and using it in OSGE for a quick proof of concept:

which previews in OpenSCAD as expected:

and w/ a bit of massaging (needs the preamble you discussed on GitHub), works well in RapCAD:

and generates G-code which previews as expected:

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