OpenGlow lives again!

To be clear: The site has returned, but the project isn’t re-started. He brought it back as an archive.

Some products just don’t attract the right users and therefore there’s very little info online about hacking the device. GlowForge seems to be in that boat but from what I’ve run across over the years, the devices are ending up cheap on ebay and craigslist because to some, a $3500 35W laser cutter is disposable when something fails.

Nice to see a site up and running which can help keep the machines out of the landfill.


It’s not the users fault, it’s that GF designed a particularly obtuse machine in order to make it pretty and appealing to crafters. I am technically adept, but that has not helped me get my now out-of-warrantee GF laser running. They do have support, but it only covers basic issues. If the problem gets beyond that, their only solution is to have you send it back and get a refurb replacement for about $1000. I would rather put that money toward a more accessible machine, which then leaves me with a boat anchor. There will be much more of these inactive machines in the coming years, and hence more interest in a non-GF way to get them running.


Maybe a good reason for a resurrection.