Open Source 3d Mouse Could a device like this be rep-rap made?

Open Source 3d Mouse
Could a device like this be rep-rap made? how much would it cost? who sells the smallest cheapest servos with a built in brake that is tough?

You can wire the potentiometer of cheap servos. That gives your their position while not powered.
Then power the servo to hold exactly that position to give an on/off force feedback.
No matter how much the servo is deflected from that positon, it will try to reach exactly that position again and then stop.

Could you do a small video of setting that up for me and a off the shelf cheap list that can apply up to 1 pound of force per motor?
May I add you to my DevTeam@UnknownForcesGameStudio?
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Very cool, what kind of host controller do I need to run a 3d mouse input etc? is there a open source one? how do I set up the usb system ? Another thing I have been thinking about is how to use a cellphone as a 3d input device for a pc/mac/inux
After I get wet behind the ears on this I have some really neat ideas to test and document, and hopefully get funding for some day :slight_smile:

I would like to tackle a tele-presence glove eventually with pneumatic tactile response but that is for another day, lets get this in blender or autocad with part numbers so anyone can order what they need to assemble one (accept what needs to be rep-rap) :slight_smile:

What about using an Arduino via USB-serial for a prototype?

That sounds just about perfect, I have had very very little experience making anything that did not explode…intended as the function or otherwise…
I don’t have a soldiering gun or any servos or an even an erector set, but I can design anything in 3d if you want documentation etc,