Open link in new tab?

I know that i can cntrl-click on a link to open a new tab but its annoying.
Can I set it so that links always open a new tab rather than leaving the maker forum tab.
Sometimes I forget and am 3 tabs deep and have to reopen this forum.

I have my mouse wheel click set to open a link in a new tab. To do it automatically, at least in Chrome browser, I think it would require an extension plug-in. Would have been simple to do when I used Firefox for browsing, but I got tired of their memory leak issues.

It would be easier to use ctl-center mouse click as I stated above. That is a standard shortcut.

The tool can set up the html tags to open a new tab…
Most blogging tools allow you to choose to open a new tab when you insert a link…

Got it. Go to preferences and then interface.


You rock!

Yah also found a couple of other settings I was wondering about. Like default home page!

I found all those when setting up my profile, definitely like the open new tab feature. Now I have to do the same for the laserweb and c3d forums!

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