Open Circuits review with 25% discount code for pre-order

Bunnie Huang reviews Open Circuits and provides a 25% off coupon code for pre-order, valid until Tuesday 4 October, bringing the price down from $40 to $30.

I find that understanding how things are made improves my intuition of how to use them and my memory for how they work. This book is both a work of art and useful for understanding.

I just pre-ordered it, and it’s a bundle of both the physical book (in the US, that adds $4 UPS ground shipping) and the ebook in PDF, mobi, and epub formats, as well as wallpapers I won’t use. I’ve been reading the PDF and it’s not merely gorgeous, I’m also learning things I’ve been curious about for years.

If you have enjoyed following @TubeTimeUS, @EMSL, and/or @kenshirriff on Twitter, or Ken’s blog at, you’ll want this book.

If you are curious but not yet convinced, you can download the entire first chapter (all the passive components) and the detailed table of contents before you buy.



Pre-order is no longer available. I got my copy and it is gorgeous. Worth full price if you didn’t pre-order.


Yes, got mine yesterday and it’s a fun book to look through.