ooh this is groovy :

ooh this is groovy :
Librav from Thingiverse built a fantastic printer based on my #Doboz2 hbot:
Once again, derivates are better than the original !
Ace work !


Where do people get all these metal rails?

There are a bunch of companies that sell T-slot rails. The originals are proprietary (they make a lot of money selling screws and brackets and such). MakerBeam and OpenBeam are open versions of T-slot (designs are on Thingiverse) that uses standard screws and nuts and anyone can print or sell brackets. I can’t tell from the photos which beam system they’re using.

@Mark_K Those are from Misumi.

@Whosa_whatsis Misumi doesn’t sell directly to end users though, at least not last time I checked. They wouldn’t sell to me at all.

Sure they do. Their web site’s not the most friendly, but you can get any of their profiles cut to length (cutting is free, though they seem to charge for a minimum of 100mm per piece) in quantities as low as one.

Last time I checked Misumi didn’t sell to non-business users in EU but did in US :frowning:

Yeah. All the MendelMax guys use Misumi extrusions.

What extruder is that on there?

@Rob_Giseburt J-head.

@Whosa_whatsis Do you think Syncromesh work in an H configuration like that?

Theoretically, it should be a lot better than belt because you don’t have to keep it on a plane, unlike belts. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my list.

@ThantiK Oh, I see. I was thrown off by the protoboard connector in front of it.

Seems like that connector won’t be able to handle that much current…

@Rob_Giseburt do you mean the connectors on the extruder? The left one apparently carries the thermistor readout (regular 2.54mm pitch assumed), while the top one looks a fair bit chunkier, probably using a 5.08mm pitch. Even the small 2.54mm pins can handle around 2A/pin, so that connector would be at least capable of handling 4A for the heater, which, i think, is enough for any hotend currently on the market.

@Thomas_Sanladerer Yeah, I suppose it’ll be fine. It was more a matter of proximity, radiant heat, and flexing as it moves that makes me want to shy away from that. Knee-jerk reaction, of course.