One step closer. Got most of the wiring in place.

One step closer. Got most of the wiring in place. Hopefully my raspberry pi holder will be done tomorrow and I can finish up.

Looking awesome! We should figure out if we can stick them side by side at Maker Faire! :smiley:

@Chris_Purola_Chorca unfortunately mine will not fit on your build plate so we will have to go side by side :wink:

@Rick_Sollie did you opt for the 0.9 degree, 44Nm version? (Best guess when looking at the picture)

Yes, I figure the higher the resolution the better, and if its any problem, I’ll just move from 1/32 step to 1/16.

@Rick_Sollie I am going the same route as you. Got my 0.9° steppers from Robotdigg. They appear to be the same ones you are using. Was planning on using them with 1/16 steps. Figured that despite 1.8° x 1/32 vs. 0.9° x 1/16 may appear to be the same on paper, I figured it would be easier for the steppers to hold the 1/16 microstep rather than the 1/32. But if it works out well I could always switch to 1/32 steps for even finer resolutions.

Update: So I just read the next set of posts and see that there could be issues with lower torque motors and skips, I will worry about it after it’s built, and worst case, I can always swap out the motors later.