One printer can mix three   to create new materials for printing.

One printer can mix three #thermoplastics to create new materials for printing. #3DPrinting

@Laser_Tek_Services i’m pretty sure that’s not how this works. This printer is nothing more than a triple-extruder FDM machine, similar to the Tricolour Mendel or any other FFF printer equipped with three or four (Kraken) extruders.

Yup, my Tricolour does indeed print in three. And now I want MOAR!!!

I have actually been working on a project to make more colors available at the flip of switch. Also without multiple extruders. I think that’s the next logical step in FDM 3d printing. So would that be 3 1/2 D or 4D :wink:

There are two things here that are being conflated/confused.

  1. Stratasys has introduced a material called ASA that is UV resistant for outdoor use. This is an FDM filament material.

  2. Stratasys other line of machines the Objet line, which use an inkjet to selectively fire out photopolymer which is then cured by a UV light now has a three jet option to mix different photopolymers into one object.

No thermoplastic mixing going on here.

Could it then, @Sanjay_Mortimer , mix the photopolymer at will, and therefore print in more colours than my assumed three?

That’s exactly what they are doing:

Mixing happens on the object however, not in the nozzle, the tiny droplets of photopolymer are small enough and probably miscible enough to cohere into a single fluid effectively on the object before curing.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, fair enough then, @Sanjay_Mortimer . I guess that fills my Oliver Twist demand.