One of the nicest ABS prints I've done on my Simple Metal.

(Adam Steinmark) #1

One of the nicest ABS prints I’ve done on my Simple Metal. Print time took about 5 hours. I have to print one more copy for an order on 3D Hubs.

Just before I received the order, I gouged my kapton surface and my 6in roll of kapton tape is being uncooperative. So I had to use the bare aluminum bed (I accidentally scratched my aluminum bed re-calibrating the Z offset :frowning: ). I put on a layer of hairspray before the print and I’m surprised how effective it was at holding then releasing the print. I definitely advocate the use of hairspray.


(Lukas Obermann) #2

What camera are you using for that wide angle?

(Adam Steinmark) #3

The regular Pi camera and this lens as well as this mount with the lens adapter