One more update to my weekend maintenance was more a cosmetic issue.

One more update to my weekend maintenance was more a cosmetic issue. I had already cut a fitting front plate for my display when the printer was finished but quickyl exchanged electronics (and display) for a new one. The display then sit there for months fixed with some tape. Yesterday i finally managed to cut a new front plate and an acrylic display cover. I’m quite satisfied with the result - what do you think?

For those interested: I used 4mm Dibond/Firstbond for the covers. It’s normally used for advertising signs as it can be printed on. It has a plastic core and a painted aluminum front and back cover. It’s quite tough/stable, has a nice finish and it’s good to work with (drill, mill, saw)

Looks great! I’m planning to fit some acrylic boards too. One question: will the boards increase run noise? I mean there are more stuff that are prone to vibrate now.

Not related to your improvement (which looks just fine by the way), but curious to know if your bed is supported by 3 or 4 adjustable screws?

@Michael_Memeteau 3 of course:-)

@Jake_Shi no vibration. You need to fix it well of course. Should have screws wherever the boards contact the frame to not give them room to vibrate against the frame.

@Helmi I am torn. On HercuLien I actually get better repeatability on bed level with 4 point level than I did when I had 3point. I would see it because I printed a lot of very large parts for work at the time that used a good portion of the bed. I think it is because on really large beds the two cantilevered corners stick out so far.

@Eclsnowman ​ What’s your bed thickness? Maybe a central point would help avoid deflection?

@Eclsnowman What exactly do you mean by repeatability in this case. Are you having problems with the bed staying in position with 3 screws? I did have quite a lot trouble with 4 screws on stiff beds in the past and found 3 screws to be much more comfy to setup so i did that on the Eusthatios too though it was the first bed of that size for me. Works well so far allthough i have to revise the possibility of adding some glass as the aluminum doesn’t stay perfectly flat on the long run.

How about grid auto-leveling? I can see it’s helpful for large print bed like this.

@Michael_Memeteau 1/4" thick

@Helmi yes, the consistency of the bed returning to the same position between prints was much worse for me with 3-point level than it is now with 4-point.

Nice cover. Is this display a reprap12864 (the one you can get cheap from ali)? If so, how did you connect it to the RADDS (if I remember right, you mentioned that you used one of those). I use a RADDS but I don’t like the 2 line display they sell with it.

The display is actually the one made for RADDS from Sparklab. They sell it here

Thanks for the hint, I might order the sparklcd or try to connect a cheap 10$ clone reprap GLCD like described here: Advantage of the spark display is that you can choose it from the online configurator and don’t need to mess with pin definition files…

and additionally it runs from the extension port and not from the rather sensitive/in stable LCD port. I also have the default display which definitely was problematic from the beginning (not only for me) in terms of stability.