One more post for the day.

One more post for the day. While I don’t like wood, I do like cedar. Stay away from it mostly due to the health concerns breathing wood. The dust boot has opened a few avenues.
Made this on a stock OX with a 400w and the new dust boot. Think wifey will be happy with the second one that will get a little laser detail.

Repeat after me … Wood is good. :slightly_smiling_face: Looks awesome!

That looks awesome. Would be a great share for our Valentine Project Challenge (and yes you get a reward for your effort!)

@Mary_Daly thanks Mary, would rather the real builders get a chance to win. We have all the OB parts you can shake a stick at!

How did you carve this on both sides, steps please. Thanks

@Rob_Mitchell happy to share.
First op is the underside of the lid and the pocket in the base. The profile cuts are also made here to create two pieces.
In the upper piece there are three 1/8” holes. (I need to post about an issue I had here with CNC.js and G83)
I remove the work pieces.
Op 2 I rerun the three alignment holes on the wasteboard, 1/8”.
Insert 1/8” alignment pins, these are the type you find between engine cases into wasteboard
Hammer the lid down on top of the alignment pins (bottom side down) to the holes in the waste board.
Op three run the 3D mesh file.
I will post the files, but have to figure out why I can do canned cycles in bCNC on GRBL but not in CNC.js.

That’s very generous of you but remember it is not a contest, everyone can get a reward( or many rewards) for posting and this is a really cool project!