One more issue. Sorry guys.

One more issue. Sorry guys. Here is a screen shot of what the auto level looks like. It is running 2 probes on the Y axis at a 1mm spacing and 4 probes on the X axis at 1mm spacing. My gcode file is in Inches and is about 1 in by 2 in. Is there a way that I can change the units of my gcode or of the Auto level tool so they are both in the same units?


Yeah I’d recommend you work in mm. Why don’t you just change how your cam exports to mm?

I will from now on. I was just wondering if there was an easy way to convert. Thank you for the help.

Everything chilipeppr is written in mm. It will import inches accurately. Can you check if the top of your gcode has a G20 or a G21 command please?

If you fork the widget and tweak it I don’t think adding support for inches would be that bad. Maybe add a radio button for units and toss in a g21 to the gcode sent to the controller and you might be golden.