One more iPhone case on Thingiverse and i'll barf :(

One more iPhone case on Thingiverse and i’ll barf :frowning:

I know a large part of the draw of thingiverse is that everything is on it, but how can we get everything back off of it? I say reprapobjects probably needs to become a thing again.

@ThantiK #%$%$%& -534536546456… I hated the ‘yet another 3D printer part’ thing that was going on…

At least iPhone cases are potentially useful (to prop up a wobbly table), unlike the 3D scans of the heads of J. Random Hacker, et al.

They have all been generated by that new tool, nothing noteworthy about them at all. Basically they are all only derivatives, not new things

I was neutral at first, but the more I try to use the new thingiverse , the more I hate it.
Confusing, “cold” layout, automatic publishing of “customizered” versions, makerbot logo everywhere.
I get that they are trying to “establish their brand name more firmly” , but , sheesh !

The main draw of thingiverse was to access lots of designs relatively easily, but if that is gone, then ciao thingiverse!

Since I got my 3d printer nearly 2 months ago, it was part of my morning routine to take a look at the newly published things on thingiverse. Really looked forward to this too. Currently that’s just not fun anymore.

Yeah, there’s definitely a space now for someone to create a new, easily browsible repository for objects. Anyone up to the challenge?

Yep @John_Schneider , it’s in the works :slight_smile:

Awww yiss!