One busy Saturday later.

One busy Saturday later.
7 new nozzles and three new heat barriers for next weeks meeting
Back left, two 3mm filament hotends with 1/8" thread for a sumbod
Front, one hotend with one nozzle and inlay for 1.75mm filament and one set for 3mm.
Back right, three reserve nozzles for me.
All of those are prepared to work with airbrush nozzles.

Airbrush nozzles? How well does that work?

Seem like the inner geometry would be all wrong, since the airbrush is designed to “scatter” the material coming through – probably using micro-Eddie currents internally – where in an extruder that’s a very bad thing.

This is only the frontal part of an airbrush nozzle, when used for airbrushing there is an additional needle inside of it that is move towards the opening for finer spray and back for coarse. Without the needle you have a nice clean curved hole.