On using rotary encoders:

On using rotary encoders:

Some of my display routines use several potentiometers to play around with variables, but these can start adding up. For instance, one of my demos uses 6 pots with a noise() routine.

One suggestion is to use a rotary encoder to select the variable you wish to change, then adjust the potentiometer to make the change, and then push the button in the rotary encoder to set that change.

This could significantly cut down on hardware.

Am currently working on Fast Hartley Transforms and beat detection, but I hope to follow up on that idea once I’m done.

may I assist? BPM is also on my wishlist :slight_smile:

Sure. Im starting with my currently working fht_log.ino demonstration, which uses OpenMusicLabs FHT. Here’s my starting point at http://pastebin.com/ktG6XtiA

i am going to use an pc/android app for playing with that, much easier for controlling many variables. Try using procerssing with controleP5 and serial data, i like that. but oft you would still want a few physical knops as you say

@Juergen_Bruegl I’ve added some basic beat detection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvAnC-6ozjw