ON Semiconductor labelled DA30AA


I have a good reason to suspect that this chip is shorted. It is on a Lenovo Chromebook (Flip 5).

However, I cannot find it anywhere.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like some sort of power device since there’s a ground plane surrounding it with lots of vias moving heat to other planes. So it’s probably switching something high power on/off in the laptop.
Q28 label also would indicate some sort of switching device.

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It’s clearly an on semi (on tech) part. Strange nothing shows up in a search.

Perhaps a clue is that an ON E3762A is a diode (TVS).
Maybe DA30AA is in that series type???
A fuse?

If it’s a TVS it should be shorted.
When power is on you could check inputs and outputs to see if there is voltage present.

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