on my BBB, only first 3 usr LEDS flash one time, and thats it,

on my BBB, only first 3 usr LEDS flash one time, and thats it, nothing happen and i cant ssh it and my pc doesnt recognize it, it was working perfectly until i connected a LED between pin3&pin1 in P9 expansion header.
I will greatly appreciate your help, thank yoy

According to a reference from @Derek_Molloy , if I am reading it correctly, the max current on pin 3 is 250mA. Not sure what your LED allowed…

i dont know what happened! the led burned out and the board stopped working…and now i cant even flash to eMMC bec. when i press the boot button nothing happen and leds dont flash!

I don’t profess to be an expert, but I think it may be possible that it burned out because of too much current… What was the resistance of the LED? Remember R=V/I. If V=3.3 and I can not be more than .25A then R must be at least 13.2 ohms, I think…

This what happen when I connect power to the board,
1-pwr led flashs
2- usr0 led flashs
3- usr1 & usr2 flash
That’s it, and its not recognized by PC and I can’t ssh
Does that behavior means it is damaged?

@Joshua_Blakely @Frank_Davidson @Frank_Theile according to what I wrote in the previous comment, does that mean it is damaged?

I don’t know for sure, but it seems that it’s possible it is damaged… You might be able to tell something with JTAG, but I am out of my league guessing at that…

Finally recovered my BBB :D!!
I flashed Angstrom image from sc card normally but it takes many many times to takeplace… but now its working fine
Thank you so much for your help