Okay, the adapter came in,

(George Allen) #1

Okay, the adapter came in, I connected everything and still there’s no signal on the monitor. I can’t figure out what could have happened

(Dale Royer) #2

Does the computer seem to be booting? Also, does the motherboard have built in graphics?

(George Allen) #3

I contacted the company that I bought the computer from. Apparently, according to the diagnostic LEDs, the RAM card became dislodged. After reseating all the cards, I got video. I did have to perform a repair/reset. It’s resetting now. Thanks for the assistance. I’ll let you know how everything works out.

(Dale Royer) #4

Sounds like you’re going to be ok. You might want to clean the dust out too if you haven’t already.

(George Allen) #5

@Dale_Royer Yes. Seems like I might be back in business. I’ll take my computer back to the shop tomorrow and find out.