Okay, it's been long enough, here's my status update on ,

Okay, it’s been long enough, here’s my status update on #IGentUS, stay for the article, poke around for all things Metaprintr.

NICE! My first reaction was, “gee, those belts going from the bottom to the top sure are long…” but after reading your design constraints, I understand the benefit: all the motor wiring is in the bottom–sweet!

Also, wood is a great sound dampener. I insulated one motor with cork and it didn’t make a bit of difference. You make a rigid metal cube for a printer, you’re also kinda making a tuning fork.

You know, I’m looking a little closer at this, and realizing this frame may be exactly what I want to do with the extrusions I already have! Just space them like you have. I do still need to order a few more pieces for the build plate support, but I need to order gantry smooth rods, bearings, and pulleys anyway. A fully enclosed case (possibly with filtration) is something I would like, too.

Hi @Mike_Miller , I also am building a printer using Igus sliding parts. One question though, why didn’t you press-fit the bushes?

The ones on the v1 carriage were pressfit… The other parts were printed for me by a long-distance friend, my delta and I at the time weren’t on speaking terms.