Okay Chilipeppr just bombed big time.

Okay Chilipeppr just bombed big time. It seems that every pass moved and inch or so over like the x axis forgot where it was. I kept hitting the stop button and the pause and the machine did not stop moving How do I fix this? The motors are on all the time so it shouldn’t be shifting to my knowledge Anyone had this happen before?

Keeps doing it. Wont’t cut a thing…

No matter what I cut it just wanders off…

Most likely your stepper drivers are overheating, or you steppers themselves resulting in skipped steps. Could also be slipping from loose belts. This is most likely mechanical though not software.

It is mostly the X axis. and it does not happen right away. The TinyG is cooling down. I never really go that hot. Thanks for the help

Also tightened up the belts. My biggest worry is destroying the TinyG

Yeah if it happens immediately its probably binding, but if it happens part way through a cut, after you’ve been running for a few minutes, then its probably overheating. Try turning down the current pots on the tinyg that will make it run a little cooler. Also get a fan on it.

I did have this happen to me previously and had it happen again tonight.

Everything worked perfectly and I switched to SPJS 1.83. Started doing it again, switched Bach to 1.80 everything is fine now. I’m on W8.1 machine and a really old version of SW on my TinyG. Will update the firmware soon, I’m sure it will resolve the issue, John’s really got this figured out. Think the old SW with the new SW is the issue.

I don’t think this is ChiliPeppr. Just losing moves on one axis doesn’t make sense if it’s ChiliPeppr. With software, if you were losing lines of Gcode for some reason which could cause something like this picture, it would be random and happen on X, Y, or Z. With this just being on one axis it points to mechanical.

@Brandon_Satterfield I doubt moving from 1.83 back to 1.80 does anything. Were you also just seeing weird stuff on a single axis?

@Bill_Dussault are you running TinyG G2? Or the original TinyG board (also known as the v8)?

To me it’s sounds like a loose pulley

@jlauer it probably was not chillipeppr.

It has been working perfectly for a long time, when I bumped to 1.83 is when it started acting like it did when we were on video, a very long time ago.

I’m gonna play with this weekend, get everything updated.

I rigged a cooling device for the tinyG with a fan hovering over it. and it hasn’t come back.
Thanks everyone!