Ok who's working on the 5 axis ox?

Ok who’s working on the 5 axis ox?

http://www.5axismaker.com/ is using some other extrusion than the V-slot and C-beam, but they have something going for a while now … Would Fusion360 be able to generate the gcode for a 5 axis machine?

I sure wish we had good tools for 5 axis and not just 3+2. It is not trivial to even define what 5 axis is because you can do it several ways and the Gcode has to be made for very specific machine configurations. I have been told that the Smoothie has firmware support for it but I have not seen any video on how it’s done nor what tool chain they used other than their board. 5 axis is the holy grail for CNC so I hope this catches on and the Open Source software catches up.

Partial 4 axis can be simulated - MeshCAM is a not too expensive software, amongst others, which can help to do several faces.

True 5 Axis, like you say, can be very machine specific. It could be simulated, as seen here : https://youtu.be/LuED2IbdcOs. Just the multiple angles and tool changes properly sequenced. But I doubt anyone would want to try that approach to do the helmet in 5 axis sculpting as done here : https://youtu.be/RnIvhlKT7SY !

@Steve_Anken ​ very nice one and surely inspiring for a light duty machine

@SuperCharger619 ​ I’d better target at some kind of “C-Beam X5” (just to say @Mark_Carew_OpenBuild ​ hmm ;-)) with a higher Z and combined rotating assembly (ala PocketNC, http://www.pocketnc.com/pocket-nc/) on the table… Just thinking :slight_smile:

@Serge_Ecoiffier ​ machining pr0n :open_mouth: Oh and that titanium crown, oh my… :heart_eyes: