Ok, what´s up with this group?

Ok, what´s up with this group?

I started designing my own RC car some time ago. I´m no RC expert or a 3D printer expert for that matter, i just love 3D printing and well, RC stuff is alot of fun.

Belive it or not, knowing next to nothing about how RC cars actually work i had loads of questions but nowhere to ask them. So this is basically the reason for creating this Community and also the Google Group.
Hopefully this can be a place to ask and discuss those questions and ideas myself and anyone else might have.
In my mind anything RC related is welcome, may it be a car, a boat, a plane or why not your own crazy idea?

As i understand by the addition of 60+ members today i´m not alone out there and i think it´s awesome!

I have my own project, a car. These are some of the goals i set for myself:

As much as possible needs to be 3D printed. If you have a 3D printer you should be able to make it.
No weird special parts.
It should be a design which is not to complicated but with simple enough geometries. Easy to make, easy to modify CAD files.
I want to set a good example and share as much as possible.
When it´s done, you´ll be the first to know. :wink:

Lastly, i´m only doing this for fun. I just like building stuff and why not build an RC car and have fun while doing it?

That said, thank you for your time and let the fun begin!

/Daniel Norée

This seems to be a perfect community for me too. Thanks for setting it up.

I have almost same situation, only that I haven´t yet started to design my own RC car. I decided first to model Tamiya DF-03Ra kit and after that start to make an own model.

One feature I want to have on my car is the ability to stream live HD video, so that the car can be controlled via monitor. I want the same camera system work on quad-copter too. There are some advanced DIY projects in Thingiverse that have Arduino or some other systems on a RC vehicle for streaming video and audio both ways. I wish to be able to build something like that in future but before all that:

I want to finish the DF-03Ra 3D model and 3D print a custom body for that, an old Saab 96. (Solidworks & Dimension SST1200es). I have also plans to build a track to my backyard (that projects goes under the name of “Garden with paths” because that way it gets more support in our household).

Here is where I am now at with the project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5ROGYV7miqY#t=19s

I wish to get those ready soon as possible so I can start with my own car project and the video streaming system.


I think this is a great project idea. I do a fair bit of RC racing and have been looking at a 3D printed alternative. Eager to see this released.

I think that even if your not that much into RC this will be an excellent project to show of 3D Printing.