Ok - what am I screwing up here?

Ok - what am I screwing up here? The belt can slot nicely in on one end, but how is the other end then attached?

Also, do I have something flipped around the wrong direction in the second pic? - the belt interferes with the carriage…

Looks like you didn’t print the mirrored version. There are two different XY holders. You should have a pair of each.

I’ve got 2 pairs - maybe I didn’t pair them with each other appropriately. That might fi the interference issue - what about the belt termination?

There is a separate printable block that has teeth. You slot belt in, then attach with screws if I remember correctly.

I believe @ThantiK is correct. But the belt end you’re holding goes into the slot that the other belt end is clamped in then the belt end that would be on the right in your picture goes into the “floating Block” that gets bolted to the carrier.

@Mike_Smith I’m actually thinking of redoing mine, and jacking the belt retainer design from your Y carriage on the i3. Seems like it would be much more elegant.

@ThantiK I was thinking the same thing. and maybe making some sort of tensioner that would push the bearing block into the corner of the frame…might also make it easier to align the smooth rods.