Ok, we're down to pretty much wiring ;) For those of you running boards

Ok, we’re down to pretty much wiring :wink:

For those of you running boards that are capable of 128 microstepping, what are you running at on each axis? It seems like overkill for the extruders and Z axis… If you are running at 128 on all axes, have you encountered any issues? I’ve got the radds board with the raps128 drivers.

I agree, anything more than 32x on extruder or Z is overkill. Extruder already has a gear-reduced stepper, and Z has pulley reduction.

Calculate your microstep/second rate at 1/128 for your desired drivetrain and speeds, and you’ll probably find that you’re way over the step pulse generation frequency limits for your controller. As a starting point, I would try to stay below 80khz for 32bit boards or 40 khz for 8bit boards, although there’s some firmware-specific stuff in there to worry about such as double/quad/octo-pulsing the steppers to make up for high step frequencies.

For a point of reference, I run 1/32 stepping with THB6128 drivers on 0.9 degree steppers with a RADDS/Due.

Thanks Ryan, I’ve been playing a bit with your stepper simulator too… Nice bit of work there, thanks for putting it out!