Ok starting to familiarise with ChiliPeppr and Cloud9.

Ok starting to familiarise with ChiliPeppr and Cloud9. now I want to fork workspace-grbl, however the repository on github only has a readme file nothing else? Could someone please point me to the the current GRBL workspace repository…many thanks

Github chilipeppr-grbl has the latest workspace-grbl.

All of the forking can be done from right inside ChiliPeppr in the upper right corner triangle menu in each widget or for the workspace it’s the upper right corner triangle menu of the workspace title (which is in upper left corner of workspace).

@raykholo I’m looking at the repository now and is empty except for the README.md? I’m assuming you mean this one https://github.com/chilipeppr/workspace-grbl ?

@raykholo scratch that I found the right one doh!

@jlauer Thanks still getting my head around this…slowly getting there :smiley:

@jlauer I think I’ve tracked down where the problem is occurring, looks like within the grbl-controller widget none of the published events. However I need to debug further, as this environment is all new to me I’m scratching my head asto how I can step through to do more detailed debugging, so my question is, what is the best way to the best way to debug a widget or workspace?? (idea for next video perhaps?)

Well, did you watch the 3 videos on the home page? That shows how all of this is broken down. That would give a working notion of how to do the debug because you really debug widget by widget on a standalone basis.

yes thats how Ive got where I am so far. But I’m not sure how to best test publisher/subscriber events especially to live data being received from the serial port.

Where the issue appears (unconfirmed so far as I’m trying to confirm it ) is the offset thats being applied in the probe data publisher in the GRBL-Controller widget.