Ok so I'm pretty happy with this laser,

(Bruce D (Cam & Dad)) #1

Ok so I’m pretty happy with this laser, What is the honey comb board used for that I see alot of people having? Also How are you cutting material bigger than the vise?

(Steve Moraski) #2

The honeycomb bed will allow you to use the entire cut area of the laser. Also it will allow things to be cut outside in as moshi often does. In other words if you cut out a donut starting with the outside circle first it will not fall through and allow the laser to finish the inside circle.

(Bruce D (Cam & Dad)) #3

That’s what I was hoping. I ordered one from ebay

(Steve Moraski) #4

Which one did you purchase?

(Bruce D (Cam & Dad)) #5

300 x 200 on ebay

(Steve Moraski) #6

Nice, a bit expensive though. For future part and accessories check out http://lightobject.com I just ordered mine from them for $23.

(Jon Bruno) #7

Bah! LO is out of em! Dang…

(Steve Moraski) #8

Yeah noticed that after I ordered mine.