Ok. So I can control my laser via USB but for some reason I

Ok. So I can control my laser via USB but for some reason I can’t get the board to recognize the gcode over SD card. I’m running a k40 with a Cohesion Mini conversion.

I’m confused. So you are running Laserweb, but want to print from the SD Card?


Maybe provide some details on what you have tried and exactly what you mean by “can’t get board to recognize gcode over SD card”. It won’t process it? you get it to start and it fails? or you aren’t able to find the files?

Aren’t able to find the files. It shows no files at all.

Everything else works fine. It jogs and tests and such, it recognizes that there is an SD card, it just doesn’t find anything on the SD card.

Since its a Cohesion board, I assume we are talking about the on-board Micro-SD Slot and not an SD on an LCD Panel?

No. I’m talking about the one on the graphical display.

I’m going to let @raykholo chime in, but I recall reading something in his support docs about that SD not being supported.

Maybe the config is not correct for the LCD SD slot or maybe Ray’s adapter doesn’t even wire it in.

You may want to search around on config details. The smoothie is the only CNC controller I have worked with that had could potentially have multiple SD slots. I"m really not sure how you configure and select.

Maybe a quick test would be to put the file on Micro SD and see if its shows up.

I would suggest posting in the Cohesion 3D Community as this is certainly a Hardware issue and not LW.

Hmmmm…may have to resign myself to running it off a PC. Oh well. Thanks for the help Kelly.

The adapter does not wire it in. Lots of issues with the SD card in that LCD and running over wires. You can use the MicroSD Card in the C3D Mini for your purposes.

Thanks again, Ray.