Ok so after trying out some other models I could not get them to

Ok so after trying out some other models I could not get them to print with out some help.

Basically when the printer goes to move to the center to start printing it skips all the steps and starts printing at 0, 0

I’m not sure if its the jerk settings or what.

Maybe its the top move speed is to fast.

So, it’s not performing certain instructions, or the motors are skipping when trying to do certain instructions?

Perhaps its your actual file with the instructions? What are you using to print?

It does it on every thing but the test cube I’m trying. Proterface with cura slicer.

I’m positive its skipping steps as it makes grinding noises

I ran into this kind of thing frequently before I turned my acceleration way down. Default was 9000, I moved fro 500, then 1000.

M503 will print out current settings - look for the line that says “M201 X----- Y----- Z----- E-

Thanks I will take a look at that too I think it’s at 9000 by default so that’s probably what it’s at.

Any one know of a good explination of acceleration and jerk?

Acceleration is pretty self explanatory. Jerk, however is used in Marlins planner. Its used to get sharp corners on the edges of things. As I understand it, it literally jerks the hot end around the corner. If you’ve got a bowden tube system, 20mm/s is fine. Is this your giant i3? If so, you’re going to want really low jerk settings as the bed itself is going to be pretty hefty. Acceleration too, for the same reasons.

I scaled it down to normal size. I adjusted the accelleration and that seems to have fixed the issue. I still need to run some tests to be sure but I’m on the right track