Ok So after 2 weeks of frustration and disappointment with my K40 40w laser

Ok So after 2 weeks of frustration and disappointment with my K40 40w laser cutting machine that stopped working I have had to send my machine back to the ebay seller and get my money back as they would not honour the 2 year warranty that they advertised with the machine I live in Australia and still would like to buy a 40w C02 laser cutting machine when my money is refunded but as you can imagine I am a little worried about where I should buy from Can anyone give me any info as to where to buy a reliable machine with warranty guaranteed Where have all of you Australian people purchased from???

I purchased on eBay from “amazingitem” http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/amazingitem?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754

They refunded me $50 of the total purchase price due to alignment issues that wouldn’t sort out simply.

I haven’t had any issues requiring warranty or anything yet, so can’t comment on that. Although I’m generally not the sort of person to take things back for warranty. Rather I pull them apart & see how they work & see if I can dodgy up a way to make it work.

I (Sydney Australia) also purchased mine from ‘amazingitem’ ebay seller in Aust.

However I haven’t attempted to contact them again for anything warranty related so I can’t comment on their willingness to uphold the advertised warranty.

It was in good and working condition when I got it from them though.
Well, so far anyway…

How long have you had yours for Pippins McGee & Yuusuf Sallahuddin

I am from China K40 factory. I can offer K40 with 400$ and Good Quality

Yes but is that $400 AUD and will you offer 2 year warranty on all parts Also cost to deliver to Australia

Laser tube 3 months warranty.Do not include shipping

Marc Liu How would you compare a C02 40w laser machine to a 3020 CNC Router?

I am only responsible for sales of factory. laser machine and CNC Router are diff things.

@Donna_Gray Sorry, I didn’t notice you asking how long I’ve had mine in amongst there. I’ve had mine since around early-mid October 2015.

@Donna_Gray sorry didn’t see your question. I’ve only had it for a just under a month which is not good enough to vouch for the longevity of the life of the parts, but as a whole - the machine had no flaws or faults.