Ok silly question for those using Walter's print bed leveling blocks.

Ok silly question for those using Walter’s print bed leveling blocks. How exactly do I attach my bed using those spring spacers? There’s no hex indent for a captive nut on the bottom so I’m a little bit lost how to build up that stack. I get how to attach it to the extrusions, just lost on mounting the bed plate. Thanks in advance!

I used wing nuts on the bottom. That allows for easier adjustment.

Brilliant! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, thanks!

NP. You might also toss a washer between the printed part and the wing nut, but isn’t strictly required.

Good idea. Is there anything to add to prevent the screw from spinning?

Blue loctite would do it. You could use a nylon locknut instead of the wing nut. Honestly, I don’t tend to have an issue. I use a heavy spring, so that provides enough tension to prevent the wing nuts from backing off. The bed doesn’t vibrate too much like it would in a Prusa setup with the bed moving in the Y axis.

I was looking at this too and was trying to figure it out. The picture of the part is a little confusing. It look like there is a spade terminal and a wire under the aluminum bed. I can imagine it being a electrical bonding jumper a la Zane’s description. I was planning to modify the bed by countering a M3 flat head screw, then using a fiber washer and a lock nut trapped within the spring. Then using a spring cup/keeper and graduated nut to level the whole business. The arrangement works pretty good on my other printer. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1259206 and this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:874155

Dennis, I just put everything together for the first time just now and noticed it does seem to spin a bit with just a low profile m5 screw and wing nut. I think placing a lock washer between the screw and the bed might alleviate the issue, but I’m all out of anything at the moment to test it with. I’m also dealing with X/Y alignment issues right now so it’ll be awhile.

@Ryan_Fiske I think I figured out the bed leveling blocks… I am pretty sure that Walter had cross members at the ends of his bed supports. You can see them in this picture on his web page- so part of the block with cross shaped tenons nests into the end of the side pieces and the other tenon into the recess of the cross piece.

I’m using the bed blocks from @Walter_Hsiao . If you want picks of them, here they are from the side. I can get others if you need them.

I have them setup such that the front and back extrusions fit inside the left and right extrusions (you can barely see that in the picture).

@Brad_Vaughan and @Dennis_P thanks for the help. I do have the blocks set up correctly my question was more about the stackup that mounts the plate to the frame (screw, spring, plastic spacer,nut) but after tinkering, I figured it all out thanks to the wing nut recommendation. I’ll post a photo soon when i get a chance to show it. Unfortunately, I’m in a bit of a pickle with the 3d printed Z axis supports. The short ones that Walter designed that I was using must have been slightly undersized and they cracked in half! I have another set, but my rectangular bed is too large to for between them! I need to figure out how I’m going to reprint a set now that my other printer was taken apart to build this guy.