ok.... send you as free rent :) my used and burned hexagon...i still in

ok… send you as free rent :slight_smile: my used and burned hexagon…i still in wait for new brass nozzle but you have lathe can make one in steel or alu… (m6)

need clean before use :stuck_out_tongue: last time used go at 600°…i stay in love with termoresistor…always or go out or broken :smiley: hope you use.

marlin configuration for this termoresistor are 1 EPCOS B57560G104F

unique issue need m6 pneumatic it…i have only one and stay with other hexagon on my makibox…:frowning:

Wow, 600C ? That is crazy:P
That thermistor is surely damaged now.

termoresistor and cartige are new
go at 600 because lose teromoristor…

Ah I see:P (scary).

ps value 600° read when re-put termoresistor inside…surely not real because max temp from maps are around 300°-350°