ok its been 2 weeks and I must be doing something wrong.

ok its been 2 weeks and I must be doing something wrong. I ve looked at videos read just about all I can and still can not get chilipeppr to communicate with my audrino. I see aurdrino thru serial monitor which means computer see it. chilipeppr load fine on computer. iam sure I I have downloaded the proper json and if executed I can see audrino on every usb port I connect it too. can anyone help me please I am pulling my hair out tks. 586 322 4691 art

running windows 64 the screen is reading “You must connect to your GRBL device using the GRBL buffer algorithm in this workspace. Connecting to any other buffer (default, tinyg, etc) will cause unpredictable behavior.”

also says serial port is disconnected and I am trying to run GBRL audrino uno

Screenshots or video can help us. Not sure your issue.

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

It doesn’t look you are connected to your Serial Port JSON Server. Connect to localhost since it looks like you’re running them on the same box.

I have tried to connect but nothing happen . I was trying to show you that the serial port was open and ready to receive

Also when I try to connect local I get an serial port ajax error followed by serial port ajax connection closed. Ready state:3

Have you ever successfully connected to SPJS? Maybe your firewall is blocking it?

Now I never have