Ok, i'm printing with PLA at 200/55 and it keeps webbing up and sticking

Ok, i’m printing with PLA at 200/55 and it keeps webbing up and sticking to the extruder in one big clump when i print. I also have glue stick on the bed. Any suggestions?

So you’re not getting great first layer adhesion? Are you sure the bed is level and the hot end is the correct distance?

If printing on glass, I use 65C

And you are probably 0.1mm too far away - increase your max z configuration by a smudge.

And make sure it is really clean. Use rubbing alcohol.

55C is the recommended bed surface temperature for PLA. Your bed covering material will require an increase of temperature. For 2mm glass I use 70C and for 3mm glass 80C.

Additional materials on top of the glass can increase the additional temperature requirement further.

With a well-tuned initial Z height you can print PLA directly onto plain glass cleaned with Pure White Vinegar.

@Neil_Darlow @David_McGuigan David, Im not getting any adhesion at all, but I will try what you said @Neil_Darlow and increase the temp on the bed surface. Thanks guys. I’ll be back with results.

More glue stick and 64C on glass.

@Nate_Bee let’s back up a bit. Are you printing PLA on glass, or aluminum?

If you are printing on clean glass, follow the above advice for a heated bed.

If you are printing PLA on aluminum, my recommendation is:

  • Put on a layer of masking tape and a thin layer of glue stick.
  • Make sure to let the glue completely dry.
  • Print on the tape/glue bed cold, with a raft.

@Jason_McMullan Im printing on glass

Is your filament extruding out straight down (when the head of raised) or does it curl out of the nozzle? If the latter then you may have a clog or obstruction inside the nozzle.