Ok I'm having an issue with a print of a strainer basket My nozzle

(Chris Skinner) #1

Ok I’m having an issue with a print of a strainer basket

My nozzle keeps clogging up and then I end up having to not only clean out the nozzle but the feedscrew assembly as well.
I have changed the temp and gotten really good prints out the filament after doing so but as soon as I go back to the basket.it cloggs up again.the last time it was about an inch high into the basket before it did it.
What is causing this?
Do I have something set wrong for the amount of retractions this print does?
I am using the default settings for pla on the robo 3d r1+.
Filament is repkord pure white.pla 220°

(Zeno Le Héricy (Z-Inventions Technologies)) #2

by the name of the part being a “strainer basket” I’m assuming this means lots of very small areas to be printed, which could result in a very large number of sequential retractions. Often times, when retracting and forwarding repeatedly, the filament can become ground up with the dust riding along with the filament and eventually jamming the hot end. Although reducing the retraction may result in a “messy” print, it may at least allow you to complete the print without grinding too much filament.

(Chris Skinner) #3

@Zeno_Le_Hericy_Z-Inv would you suggest slowing the print down as well?

(Zeno Le Héricy (Z-Inventions Technologies)) #4

maybe a bit, though that can make the retraction issues even worse. What type of plastic are you using (ABS/PLA/PETG/Nylon etc)?

(Chris Skinner) #5

@Zeno_Le_Hericy_Z-Inv Repkord brand PLA (snow white)

(Zeno Le Héricy (Z-Inventions Technologies)) #6

@Chris_Skinner For PLA make sure that if you do slow down the printing, that you turn up your cooling fan (if possible - I’m not super familiar with your printer) to avoid heat creep causing already printed areas to droop / slump

(Chris Skinner) #7

I tried reducing and even turning off retraction .still failed print from clogged nozzle.( The print is more brittle then before??)
Here is a pic of best so far.Watching the print ,I see what looks like ( boogers)in the print that smooths out but makes it look dirty. Is this related? missing/deleted image from Google+

(Chris Skinner) #8

Update: it’s been a few and I forgot about this post until someone+ it.
Apparently the filament I was using was the culprit. I went to a different brand and used the default settings and I ended up with a perfect print.
I tried to used the original for my lcd display I just got and it failed then also. So apparently it’s ok on short runs only.:thinking: