Ok, I'll play! :) A run of custom keys chains for the music store

Ok, I’ll play! :slight_smile: #laserwebcontest
A run of custom keys chains for the music store where I work. My end stops haven’t worked since I got the machine, so I had to get creative in lining everything up run to run.

I decided to make an index alignment template by running a very low power cut on a masked piece of ply. Then lined the rounds up and engraved then that way.

Looking good and sharp

Whats wrong with your end stops?

I like your key chains.

Thank you all for the kind words! I ended up settling on a slower speed and lower power for the smaller text to keep the detail for the engrave.

@donkjr ever since I unboxed the machine the first time, the Y axis (I believe it is optical) hasn’t worked right.

Somewhere early on in my smoothieboard experience, I seem to recall during my troubleshooting that m119 showed as y:1 no matter what. (physically Interrupted, or uninterrupted) then I seemed to lose the x axis as well. That one always shows x:0 no matter what the status of the switch.

@Nick_Winnard we can work on that if your up to it, I have repaired a few!

@Nick_Winnard we should get together… I’m in Lanesborough!

@y2kvfr Right on up the road!

@donkjr Thanks so much for the link Don, I’m going to be pulling the frame out of the K40 at some point soon, and when I do, I’m sure I’ll be using your article to help track down the issue with the endstops

@Nick_Winnard ok its likely one of these things:

  1. the sensing tab is misaligned, missing etc.
  2. Common problem: the sensing tab impacted the optical sensor on the Y axis daughter card and damaged it. Note if you replace the sensor you may have to change a resistor value.
  3. There is a problem with the white flat cable or its connector going to the controller and or the same on the cable/connector that goes from the x daughter card to the Y daughter card.