Ok, I need some major help.

(Jaime Donald) #1

Ok, I need some major help. I’m very new to 3D printing, yes that may sound weird, but its true. I purchased the Anet A8, I did tons of research and found this would be a great learning machine. I got this baby all set up and ready to go, BUT… I can’t seem to get the Z position correct. Every time it starts digging into the heatbed and tears the tape. I have adjusted the ZStop several times and still can’t get it fixed. I have ZEROED out all the Axsis, X and Z. Then I try Home All, and the Z changes each time. I tried an auto leveler, and it just digs even harder into the heatbed, and I have to reset it so I don’t blow anything out. What am I doing wrong?

(ThantiK) #2

First I’d make sure your wiring for the Z-stop is not an intermittent connection. Send the machine an M119 while wiggling the wires a little, see if your Z-min changes states without being pressed.

(chris king) #3

I had to raise the z stop up almost an inch and then ajust the bed from there