ok i got a problem i need answering i just bought a 2.9m SFU2005

ok i got a problem i need answering i just bought a 2.9m SFU2005 Ballscrew but it isn’t end machined i was wondering if it will fit into this https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/cl300m-metal-lathe?da=1&TC=GS-060712525&gclid=Cj0KEQjwm4mwBRCni-ivmePYivkBEiQAdGkkliye_tACzuRrErJ5_hzCrWNzSTISxpyBpNyzDVvCEpEaAmPS8P8HAQ or would i have to go to the next size up (25mm bore) basically how close to 20mm is the bore on these or is there some wiggle room?

never mind i think i’ll go for this one or similar https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/cl430-metal-lathe

No way you are turning a 3 meter long ballscrew on either of those lathes safely. Get a machine shop or buy the right screw.

lathes are definitely one of those places where size matters.

I looked at the cl430 a few years ago, it was a terrible bit of kit in just about every way. I pointed out a quick 10 faults to the sales guy and asked if it was just needing setup or if that was it and he said that’s a good one. I walked away at that point!

@Alan m as long as the free end is prevented from whipping I don’t see a problem
@ Peter van der Walt As for the hardness that’s what tempering is for

+Peter van der Walt
This must be a relative of yours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmzsWxPLIOo

+Peter van der Walt

Is it the surface or the whole screw that is hardened?

Why don’t people just grind of the outer surface and then chuck on the lathe?

And why isn’t anyone making CNC lathe grinders? That’s what I want. The tooling can be cast from epoxy, fibre and sand, and with alumina sand pretty much any material can be cut to high precision.