Ok I got a DUE today and want to test out TinyG.

Ok I got a DUE today and want to test out TinyG. Have a mac - how do I flash it with the latest firmware?

A good place to get started is the G2 wiki here https://github.com/synthetos/g2/wiki

Familiarize yourself with what resources are available there.
You will have to be specific when asking questions here as there are many more options and variations.
For example, what driver shield are you going to use with your DUE, a gShield?

There are sections on the wiki for how to compile and how to load for each OS platform (Mac, Win, Linux)
You can find a pre-complied binary here http://synthetos.github.io/g2/
but is will seldom be “the latest” as G2 is still under heavy development.
Start with the pre-built, but get a build environment setup so you can clone and build the latest if you wish.

I also suggest you move your future Q&A over to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/chilipeppr since helpful answers are hard to fit into the discussion format found here in the Community interface.

BTW, if you have SPJS 1.83 running, then you can use the new fw loader that is now available via the SPJS interface. The G2 wiki does not have a how-to for that method yet, so you will have to feel your way thru it.

To help your mindset, all the tinyG firmware loaders use a utility called avrdude. For DUE and all tinyG2 variants, the utility is called bossac.

Hi thanks Carl, I´ll start using the forum instead for such questions. I have trouble when trying the firmware flashing: “Starting programming of file TinyG2.elf -> TinyG2.bin on port cu.usbmodemfd121
./DueFromOSX.sh: line 73: /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/bossac: No such file or directory”

I´ll try some more and see if I can figure it out :smiley:

@Christian_Jorgensen I am a Linux guy, so no direct experience but issue sounds like an install difference between your environment and what the original wiki targeted.
Youmay have to search for the missing file and add a symlink to it to resolve.
You might also want to try the SPJS method, which will pull-in a more compact install of bossac.

@Christian_Jorgensen Looks like your using the Arduino IDE - I’m pretty sure you have to add Due support from within the IDE (boards manager or something like that)…

Thanks both, after some fiddling I managed to get the due flashed. I used the Arduino ide but needed to install an earlier version which included bossac. Will try to test more this weekend :slight_smile: will also look into the spjs method…

Errr…I was a bit quick here - thought the setup was compatible with the Protoneer CNC shield (http://blog.protoneer.co.nz/arduino-cnc-shield/) which I have. Guess it´s not??? Anyone know who ships the gshield for a reasonable price?

Guess I have to live with GRBL for some more time…well it works nice too :smiley:

You can recompile G2 with a different pinout.
Read up on Motate in the wiki

Will do thanks!

Forgive my ignorance. But wouldn’t it be possible to just map the pins from an Uno to match the Due using a proto board?

Well, depends on definition of easier. For quick prototyping , maybe. The motate hardware abstraction does that rewiring in a compiler configuration. For those who really want to get the most out of DUE/G2, compiling and customization will be commonplace.

Ok - I don’t have time to go down that road…I just want to cut stuff. So best opt for me would be to stick with grbl or buy a gShield to get started with TinyG. But what I like with the CNC shield is that the drivers are replacable - so if you fry one it’s just to replace (and the polulu drivers costs next to nothing from aliexpress). .

tinyG2 is working very well for many, but IS still under heavy development.
If you have cutting to get done, continuing GRBL while experimenting DUE+gShield makes a lot of sense. You should also experiment with setting up and using the G2 build environment. It is not absolutely necessary, but highly advisable at this stage in the life cycle.

Anybody tried this before, tried searching but did not find anything. Do you have a link to any material on the subject?

It is all in the G2 Wiki: https://github.com/synthetos/g2/wiki

Thanks Carl but this is to technical for me. If anyone gets ting working with a protoneer cnc shield give a shout out! I have the DUE and I really would like to test it out - seems like a platform for the future.