Ok, I finally have sufficient parts to make a run at this...but I have

Ok, I finally have sufficient parts to make a run at this…but I have found a possibly significant problem.

  1. I want to built a mantis, or at least mantis-inspired CNC for simple PCB prototyping. I have almost all the parts in the Mantis BOM except the spindle and bits[1], but that’s enough to get started… (and yes, I’m going to use plywood rather than my originally planned MDF, I’ve read about the poor holding of ‘end grain’ in MDF),

  2. except that the Mantis instructions assume that I have some means of drilling a hole in the center of my threaded rod to glue the steppers into. Various problems with that are, don’t have a lathe to drill perfectly centered with, don’t have access to any other CNC equipment to drill perfectly centered with, and today when the steppers arrived, I noted that the threaded rod diamater is only about twice that of the shafts on these particular steppers. That worries me.

So in no particular order:

I have a drill press, is there a recommended way to make centered holes in threaded rod with one, instead of using a lathe or similar? I’ve had some ideas occur to me but I’m not very confident I won’t just screw up my rods…

Is there a better way to couple the steppers to the rods? One that doesn’t involve drilling what seems to me a really huge hole that needs to be pretty perfectly in the center of the rods? If you’re interested I will go measure them but right now I should be sleeping and they’re in the basement :slight_smile:

[1] ack, I just realized I don’t think I have the stepper drivers either :confused:

Look for couplers