Ok, I finally got a much better/smaller gcode file but I'm getting the same

Ok, I finally got a much better/smaller gcode file but I’m getting the same kind of “error” in the 3d view on Chilipeppr. As a reminder, this is all using the A-axis. What I should have is a cylinder covered in hexagons but what chilipeppr actually shows in the 3d view is what appears to be a single line and when I use the simulator it moves back and forth along it but without any idea of what it’s showing, I don’t know if it’s doing that correctly or not. I mean, it could be just showing how the cutter will move along the X axis and maybe it’s not showing the A axis rotating and I’m just being dumb, but I’d surely love to actually see what/where it’s supposed to be cutting before I go waste money on the materials for the cut. I guess I could to a dry run with no materials but even then I wouldn’t know if it were doing it right at all.

Any ideas/suggestions?

The ChiliPeppr 3D viewer only looks for XYZ in your Gcode file. It ignores all A values. You’d have to fork the 3D viewer to have it add the A axis, but then you’d have to ask yourself how to visualize an A axis because our world is a 3D world we all live in and WebGL is a 3D world.

I was wondering if that would be the case. I can’t tell if the code ever finishes because it complains of an extra % in the code(at the end) and it seems to get at one point and then just loops a single motion. That would be disastrous for this project.

I don’t care as much about visualizing the whole thing as much as there being something that might show the movement of the A axis so I can at least know that’s what’s going on.

That is to say, if there could be a “wheel” that indicate where the A axis is in the rotation, at least I’d know it was progressing.

I agree that would be an amazing feature like a wheel or cylinder or timeline slider. That would be a feature somebody would have to add by forking the 3d viewer. Remember that ChiliPeppr never modifies the gcode sent to your cnc. So you still can send it and it should work.

I might see about that once I get the time(which will be after I get this project off the ground).

Alright, I did a test cut and other than a tool failure, it worked as expected.